deaftouch_tech - Providing A Communication Solution to Service the Deaf (REF #deaftouch)

deaftouch is an ICT solutions company based in South Africa with a key focus on providing technology solutions for the deaf. We have identified a first to African market turn key solution that brings the deaf community into the mainstream of economic activity through seamless communication, giving a VOICE to the deaf that will perpetuate the notion of a truly Rainbow Nation. In turn we believe that the solution will form part of creating digital inclusion for the deaf and assist in propelling Africa into the next Industrial Revolution. deaftouch is a platform with a comprehensive set of secure, standards - based, advanced communication tools comprised of server side software and Apps for most major operating systems that can be instantly deployed and configured to meet any deaf communication requirement. It’s cloud hosted, web based, scalable, customizable, user friendly, and built on ITU standards so its reachable from most video endpoints in use today.This will enable any call centre based business to effeciently service the deaf market through allowing them to communicate in South African Sign Langue in real time, creating independence, and restoring pride and dignity.

Opportunity Information
Closing date
ICT, outsourcing
Bartering Opportunity
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0 days

Application Requirements
Minimum Operating Years
2 to 5 years
Required BBBEE Level
Required Black Ownership
Required Black Female Ownership